D54 West Fargo Municipal Airport

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X10 – Belle Glade State Municipal Airport

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KFLL – Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Current Runways v1.1

Just Released

Detailed Objects

CB Simulations has created detailed 3D objects for the scenery based on real objects.  Carefully modeled by our modelers using some of the best 3D modeling software on the planet.

Update Your Simulator

With CB Simulations Current Runaways

CB Simulations updates runways to their current state.  Prepar3D default airports are based on 2006 data, so some runways can sometimes not be current, resulting in runway .  With CB Simulations current runways, this problem is non-existent on airports updated by CB Simulations

Low System Requirements

CB Simulations makes scenery that runs on pretty much any PC

Our minimum system requirements are:

If your PC will run the simulator, it will run our addons.


**For best performance, you should have a PC that meets the recommended system requirements for your simulator.